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VIP and high roller sports betting bonus offers March 2023

A VIP and a high roller usually have one thing in common – a passion for high betting and casino stakes. Anyone who spends a lot of money on betting becomes a VIP and automatically reaches high roller status. Due to the fact that almost every betting provider benefits from these lucrative customers, there are also several advantages for these special players. There are also VIPs and high rollers on sports betting portals. Through special VIP programs from sports betting and casino providers, these customers can enjoy special bonus offers, like cash, plane tickets, concert tickets, VIP tickets for sporting events or you can even meet a celebrity with a meet and greet ticket.

If you’re a VIP player then an account at BONUS.DIRECT pays off. That’s because we’ll negotiate your additional VIP package from major online casinos and sports betting platforms around the world.

Sports betting bonus offers for VIPs and high rollers: A wide selection

VIP bonus programs are very different than conventional bonus offers that are given to regular players. New promotions are available for these customers significantly more often.

The most popular bonus in the VIP world is the deposit bonus. This is offered to VIPs and high rollers for the first deposit, it's also called a welcome bonus. As briefly mentioned, the available bonus amounts are significantly higher here, but bonus conditions can also be much more interesting. Several online betting providers sometimes offer generous free bets for these important clients, which can be in the 4-digit range. These then fall under the “loyalty bonus” and are given to these customers as special betting gifts.

Cashback promotions and other loyalty rewards for VIPs

If a player places sufficient amounts over a certain period of time, the casino or a betting provider will also notice this customer. Some providers also work with algorithms to quickly recognize these customers. It’s not uncommon for an invitation to the VIP or high rollers club to be automatically issued. In addition to a VIP player bonus or a large VIP free bet, there are many other promotions in which the player can then participate.

Big betting portals offer permanent cashbacks in the double-digit range, this can go from 5% to 25%. With this promotion, part of the losses are returned to the player's account, so that they have another chance to win. In addition to well-known casino portals like Stake or Rabona, offers can also be found in the betting area which converts part of the losses into a new chance at winning.

Many bookmakers are also known for their loyalty programs. With the advancement of a rank or level, new benefits are issued to the customers. For example, at the highest level, a monthly bonus with no deposit or participation in special raffles, are available. A dedicated VIP manager is also provided to these players as a contact person.

The best high roller and VIP betting portals

If large sums are used in a betting portal, you should first take a look at the really important properties. As a tipster with a very high stake, a small fee can become a big deal.

It is particularly important that all deposits and withdrawals are free of fees. If this is not the case, even a small percentage fee could get expensive. Since a high roller and VIP handle very high stakes, it’s important to find a provider that doesn’t charge any fees.

British bookmakers like Bet365 or William Hill, and 888sports are very good places to go for high stakes. Crypto casinos and crypto online sports betting are also better for VIPs and high rollers, since transactions via a platform that specializes in crypto currencies offer better conditions. Even higher casino stakes or high sports bets can be moved quickly and unbureaucratically here - this is where and 1xBit come in. Both providers offer exclusive welcome bonuses via BONUS.DIRECT that go up to a full Bitcoin.

Betting tax also plays an important role

Since 2012, sports betting providers have had to pay a 5% betting tax for German customers. In most cases, this percentage is automatically deducted from the customer's betting slip. As a high roller, having a provider with no betting tax can quickly pay off. Some providers like Tipico and Happybet shoulder the tax for their customers.

For example, if you place your bets with Tipico then you don’t pay betting tax and can therefore achieve a higher profit. With very large bets, it’s easy to calculate why a tax-free bookmaker pays off. Bonus promotions are also interesting because it allows players to place tax-free tips on certain days. In addition, many offers can be found that offer combination bets without tax. However, the young brand Happybet, has exactly those advantages.

Limits on stakes, winnings and so on, deprive high rollers and VIPs of their joy

High rollers and VIPs have large sums of capital for their hobbies. It is precisely for this reason that limitations set by the bookmaker are an obstacle. Worst case scenario - you’ll have to divide the bets you planned between several betting providers which takes a good chunk of time - and these customers don’t have that. BONUS.DIRECT takes care of the entire process for VIPs and offers VIP customers the “full service carefree package” – so that our VIPs can focus on more important things.

We also negotiate winning, betting and payout limits for our customers, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Because you don't want to win large sums of money, and then can't get them paid out because you didn’t read the fine print in the terms and conditions. This means that we transfer winnings to our customer’s bank accounts faster than the customers themselves.

How do I become a betting pro and VIP player?

There may be readers who wonder why there are several advantages when placing high stakes at a bookmaker or casino portal. The answer to this question is quite simple - because VIPs and high rollers bring high and regular bets to the gaming provider. These people are probably also sitting on a lot of capital, so the promotional impact that a high roller or VIP could bring to the table shouldn't be overlooked.

For example, world renowned rapper “Drake” bets very large sums of money with our partner Stake. This was made public by them in the media.

In order to be able to operate as a VIP or betting pro with particularly high stakes, you either have to own a lot of capital or build it up slowly and steadily through regular winnings. If long-term and high bets are placed in the casino or a betting portal, the provider automatically recognizes the player and often sends an invitation to the VIP area. If things need to move along quicker than BONUS.DIRECT will take over negotiations for high rollers.