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Odds boost offers May 2023

We receive sports betting odds boost offers (enhanced odds) directly from the bookmakers. That’s why you can find TOP offers on this page from well-known operators. At BONUS.DIRECT you will always find the latest odds boosts for new and existing customers.

Enhanced Odds

What is an odds boost?

An odds boost, as the name implies, amplifies the betting odds for a sports wager by a specific value. Many bookmakers provide various odds boost options. While some boosts focus on 1/X/2 outcomes, others involve multiple events occurring simultaneously. It's not uncommon to see odds increase up to 50.00, especially if the pre-match odds were around 1.8. However, most bookmakers place limits on maximum bets for high odds boosts, typically around C$5 or C$10. Keep in mind that certain providers tie an odds boost to a new customer bonus, available only once.

The advantage of boosted odds is evident: they can significantly enhance your winnings compared to standard odds. For tipsters aiming to maximize their profits, exploring the betting market to find the best odds boost offers is crucial. Evaluate which bookmaker offers the most enticing odds boost for your specific sports bet and seize the opportunity to boost your potential winnings.

Can you create a surebet using a odds boost?

Surebet, also known as arbitrage betting, allows you to secure a profit regardless of the outcome of a sporting event. The concept is to place bets on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers, ensuring that one of the bets will yield a profit. However, using a single bookmaker for all bets won't work because their odds are designed to generate a profit for them.

For instance, in a tennis match, if one bookmaker offers odds of 2.00 for Player A and another bookmaker offers odds of 2.10 for Player B, you can place bets with both bookmakers. If Player A wins, you get your stake back but no profit. On the other hand, if Player B wins, you make a profit of C$21. This strategy requires having accounts with multiple bookmakers to take advantage of diverse odds.

Regarding the use of odds boosts in surebets, it depends on the specific terms and conditions of each bookmaker's promotion. Some bookmakers provide boosted odds in the form of vouchers or free bets that cannot be utilized for surebet strategies. Moreover, many bookmakers impose limits on the bet amount for boosted odds, making it challenging to guarantee a profit. Additionally, odds boosts often have restrictions, such as being available only to new customers or limited to certain markets, which diminishes their suitability for surebet strategies.

In summary, odds boosts can enhance potential payouts, but they do not guarantee surebets. To consistently profit from surebet strategies, it's essential to carefully evaluate the odds offered by different bookmakers and place bets strategically.

Sports betting operators with odds boosts

The market is now flooded with sports betting operators providing this appealing feature of odds enhancement. Many bookmakers consider odds boosts as part of their bonus system and utilize them as a marketing strategy to attract new customers.

As a result, odds boosts are often exclusive to new customers at the sportsbook. However, the industry has recognized the importance of catering to existing customers and has started offering attractive promotions to keep them engaged on their platforms.

Consequently, numerous sports betting operators now offer odds boosts or enhanced odds, which refer to the same type of odds variation.

Here are a few examples of sports betting operators that offer odds boosts:

bet-at-home: This operator provides exclusive and personalized odds boosts for BONUS.DIRECT followers. It's a consistently attractive offer available through BONUS.DIRECT. For instance, consider the following odds for a Champions League match:
Chelsea - Real Madrid standard odds: 2.70 x 3.60 x 2.55
Chelsea - Real Madrid for BONUS.DIRECT fans: 10.70 x 3.60 x 10.00
Other notable sports betting operators like bwin,, x-tip, and 888sports regularly feature enticing odds boosts on our platform.

By taking advantage of these odds boosts, sports betting enthusiasts can enhance their potential winnings and make their betting experience even more exciting.