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NFL betting bonus
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NFL sportsbetting, Today’s betting tips as well as the best betting bonus at BONUS.DIRECT May 2023

The National Football League is one of the biggest league in sports. Each year, 32 teams compete for the Vince Lombardy Trophy. The Super Bowl, the NFL's final game, is followed by over a billion viewers all around the globe.

Until recent years, European interest in the NFL and American Football were relatively low. However, this has changed significantly, which has resulted in NFL games being held in England and Germany on a regular basis.

Another indication of this can be found at bookmakers. Virtually all betting portals now offer NFL bets. You can find not only the Super Bowl but also the Pre-Season, Regular Season, and Playoffs.

We will now provide you with all the information about NFL sports betting, American football bookmakers, odds, NFL bonus offers, and many other exciting details. With our guide, you can then place your first NFL betting tips at the best betting portals.

NFL sports betting: We find the best bookmakers & bonus offers for you

In addition to basketball betting, football sports betting, tennis betting tips, or Formula 1 wagers, NFL betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting. In order to place a bet on the National Football League, you naturally need an NFL bookmaker.

The sports betting market now includes over 100 different names, most of which offer interesting bets. Before you choose any bookmaker, you should take a closer look at the qualities of the betting provider. With our help, you will learn about the essential qualities that matter. By comparing the strengths and weaknesses and aligning them with your preferences, we can introduce you to the perfect betting portal.

We will now provide you with a detailed list of what to consider when choosing an NFL bookmaker.

The gameplay of American Football

In order to place a successful NFL bet, it is important to first understand the principles of this sport. During the season, all NFL teams have a roster of 53 active players, distributed among the offense, defense, and special teams. These different components of a team come into play in various situations and have different roles to fulfill. The following overview is a simplified representation but is sufficient to get started in understanding this sport.


The offense's primary objective is to score points. The heart and brain of the offense is the quarterback, who either throws passes, hands off the ball to the running back for running plays, or runs with the ball themselves. Wide receivers, tight ends, and occasionally running backs are the targets for the quarterback's passes. The offensive line (consisting of a center, two guards, two tackles, and tight ends) protects the quarterback from the opposing defense.

In simplified terms, the offense tries to gain yardage and carry the football into the end zone. A play ends when the ball carrier is tackled to the ground or when the quarterback's pass hits the ground or goes out of bounds. The offense has four attempts, known as "downs," to advance 10 yards (9.1 meters) and achieve a new first down. Otherwise, possession of the ball goes to the opposing team.

If an offensive player has control of the ball in the opponent's end zone, securely grasping it, they score a touchdown and earn 6 points for their team.


The defense is on the field when the opposing team's offense is in possession of the ball. The goal is typically to prevent the opposing team from scoring points. The primary objective is to prevent the offense from achieving a new first down as early as possible.

Ideally, the defense can gain possession of the ball themselves by intercepting a poorly thrown pass by the opposing quarterback or by stripping the ball from a ball carrier. It is rare but possible for defensive players to score a touchdown themselves in this manner.

Special Teams

Kicking the ball is exclusively done by the special teams in American Football. When the offense reaches their fourth and final down, they usually choose to either punt the ball deep into the opposing team's half or attempt a field goal. A successful field goal earns 3 points and is attempted when the team is relatively close to the opponent's end zone. Otherwise, they punt the ball to try and start the opponent's possession as far back in their own half as possible. After a touchdown, an extra point kick is typically attempted, which earns 1 point.

Special teams are not on the field for long periods, but their performance, similar to a goalkeeper in soccer, can have a significant impact. Missed field goals and extra points can make a difference in the final outcome. On the other hand, well-executed punts make it difficult for the opposing offense and significantly reduce their chances of scoring since a longer field provides more opportunities for the defense to stop the offense.

Betting on the NFL: Become an NFL betting pro and start placing your first bet today

Let's start our NFL betting guide with the bookmakers' betting offerings. Every betting portal now offers sports betting for all NFL games.

After the season concludes with the Super Bowl, the NFL goes on a break of approximately six months, known as the "offseason." The preseason games kick off in mid-August as the preparation games. When placing bets on these games, the stakes should not be too high. Teams use the preseason to test new players who may not yet be fully familiar with the play sequences. That's why there are often surprise victories by the supposed underdogs. Soccer fans would compare the preseason to friendly or exhibition matches.

Following the preseason, all teams play 17 games in the regular season with the aim of qualifying for the playoffs. The teams are divided into two conferences (NFC and AFC / National and American Football Conference), each consisting of four divisions (North, South, East, and West). The composition of the eight divisions remains unchanged. For the playoffs, also known as the postseason, the eight division winners and the three next-best teams per conference qualify via a wildcard. For all other teams, the season ends at this point.

The playoffs are held in a knockout format. AFC and NFC separately determine their champions in three rounds, who then compete in the Super Bowl, vying for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The schedule for the NFL season 2023 is as follows:

Draft: April 27-29, 2023
Regular Season: September 7, 2023 - January 6, 2024
Playoffs: January 13-28, 2024
Super Bowl LVIII: February 11, 2024

Similar to the final matches of the UEFA Champions League, the Super Bowl is awarded years in advance. For the 2023 season, the newly built Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada was selected as the host. In 2025, the Super Bowl will be held for the 8th time at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, making it the record holder in the NFL. Prior to the construction of the Super Dome, New Orleans had already hosted three Super Bowls, making it the 11th time the Super Bowl will be hosted in New Orleans!

In the playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl, the team with the better performance in the regular season and higher seed always has home-field advantage.

The most popular NFL betting options at a glance

Certainly, some readers may still remember the early days of sports betting when only bets on the winner were offered. Over the years, however, the NFL betting market has evolved significantly, and there are numerous betting options available.

The winner bet continues to be at the top of the list of popular betting options. It's worth noting that, as with most American sports, in the event of a tie, the game goes into overtime. If no winner is determined during the 10-minute overtime period, the game ends in a draw. When placing an NFL bet, it's important to keep this knowledge in mind.

Over/under bets are also very popular. This NFL sports bet is offered for various game scenarios. Sports betting fans, for example, have the opportunity to bet on the total number of points, the number of touchdowns, field goals, penalties, passing yards, and other events. Thanks to the high NFL odds, these betting options are ideal for potentially earning a great profit without having to bet on a winner or a tie.

More interesting NFL betting opportunities are waiting for you

While searching for high NFL betting odds, we came across many other interesting betting opportunities. In addition to the 1X2 bet or an over or under bet, there is a huge selection of different bets.

A list of all betting options would go beyond the scope at this point. We have therefore decided to list only the best NFL betting tips for you. These include:

  • Handicap betting is a popular option in NFL sports betting. In this type of bet, one team is given a virtual handicap, either in the form of a deficit or an advantage, which they must overcome or manage during the game
  • Winner of a Quarter: Since a football match consists of four quarters, you can place a bet on the winner of an individual quarter
  • Margin of Victory: You can find particularly high NFL odds in the margin of victory bet. In this bet, you need to predict by how many points the winning team will secure the victory at the end of the game
  • Player Bets: Player bets are particularly interesting. You can place bets on various player-specific outcomes, such as the number of touchdown passes thrown by a quarterback, the number of rushing touchdowns scored by a running back, or the total yards gained by a player

NFL Betting Bonus: Secure your advantage and kick-start your betting experience

The search for the perfect betting provider for your NFL sports bets is certainly not solely based on the betting offer. The NFL betting bonus should also play an important role as it offers you additional funds for your sports bets. Often, free bets or other NFL betting vouchers are also available, making it worthwhile to look into the bonus section of the providers.

Most NFL sports betting bonus promotions target new customers. The bonus is usually not restricted to a specific sport but rather provides additional bonus funds or a free bet that can be used on any sport. By taking advantage of such a bonus offer, you gain a significant advantage as you don't have to use your deposited funds for your bets initially. This gives you the opportunity to gain insight or work on your own betting strategy.

Having a betting bonus can significantly enhance your NFL betting experience and increase your chances of success. However, it's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of each bonus offer, including any wagering requirements or restrictions, to ensure you can fully benefit from it.

Which NFL Bookmaker Has the Best Bonus?

The selection of NFL betting providers is enormous, and along with it comes a wide range of different bonus promotions. As if choosing the right betting provider wasn't difficult enough, there are also bonuses available for existing customers. VIP bonus promotions, reload bonuses, or additional free bets are not uncommon if you have found a good bookmaker. With our help, you can choose the best NFL bookmaker and benefit from constantly new bonus offers.

Thanks to generous bonus offers and a great betting selection, the bookmaker "STAKE" has made a name for itself. Through BONUS.DIRECT, you can find a new customer offer that can bring you up to €1,000 to your newly created betting account.

NFL betting bonus: The bonus conditions determine a fair sports betting bonus

Before redeeming an NFL betting bonus, it is essential to take a look at the bonus terms and conditions of the offer. The requirements will determine whether it is a fair or unattractive offer.

An NFL sports betting bonus usually consists of three conditions. These include the minimum turnover (rollover), a minimum odds requirement, and a time limit within which the turnover must be completed. Carefully review all the conditions and then decide whether the bonus requirements will pose any problems for you. With our sports betting bonus comparison or a bonus inquiry in your BONUS.DIRECT account, you can secure the best NFL betting bonus from numerous alternatives.

No Deposit NFL Betting: Risk-free betting is particularly popular

The most popular promotions among sports betting fans are Promo Codes or No Deposit Free Bets on NFL. Based on the name of this NFL betting bonus, you can probably guess that it gives you an additional chance to win without having to deposit a single cent into your betting account. If you come across such a bonus during your research, be sure to claim it. Since no money of your own needs to be wagered, you can only win!

At BONUS.DIRECT, you will also find attractive bonus offers like these on a regular basis. Our loyal BONUS.DIRECT fans are continuously provided with the best NFL deals through their membership. We negotiate your betting vouchers ourselves, which is why we can often offer you a significantly better bonus.

NFL enhanced odds and other interesting bonus campaigns for existing customers

Without a doubt, NFL betting has become one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the world. That's why an increasing number of National Football League betting providers are offering bonuses for existing customers. One of the most popular types of bonuses is the NFL odds boost. This involves an increase in the betting odds, allowing you to potentially win higher returns with your wager when using the bonus.

In addition to the odds boost for your NFL bet, there are many other interesting bonus offers to discover. For example, the British bookmaker "Bet365" offers a combination bet bonus. If you place multiple selections on your bet slip, you have the chance to earn an extra win if your combination bet is successful. Safeguards against losses and other NFL free bets are also common at this bookmaker.

NFL betting odds: The NFL odds comparison is worthwhile for every match

When searching for the perfect sports betting provider, it is essential to consider the level of betting odds. Since the odds determine the potential winnings, it is ideal to find a provider that consistently offers top NFL odds.

During a odds comparison, you will likely notice that the odds vary among different betting providers. This is because each bookmaker conducts their own assessment of a match to calculate the NFL odds. Therefore, before signing up with an NFL bookmaker, it is crucial to compare the odds offered by different platforms.

One excellent option that offers a wide range of betting possibilities for the National Football League and high NFL odds is Betano. With a payout rate of 95%, you will often find the best odds on the market at this bookmaker.

The best betting portals for your NFL sports bets

Finding the perfect bookmaker is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. With over 100 different names in the sports betting market, all promoting great bonus offers, high odds, or an extensive range of betting options, many sports betting fans quickly become overwhelmed. The decision to sign up with just any NFL bookmaker is often regretted.

The best bookmaker for your NFL sports betting needs to have certain qualities that you should pay attention to. This includes having a valid gambling license and offering fair odds. We have also explored the NFL betting market and selected the best betting platforms for you.

  • NFL betting at Bwin - Risk-free betting for new customers
  • NFL Betting at Betano - Great Odds on American Football
  • NFL betting at Bet365 - The most extensive bonus landscape
  • NFL Betting at Stake - The best offer for new customers up to €1,000
  • NFL Betting at 888sports – The US Sports Betting Specialist
  • NFL Betting at William Hill - Well-known and popular EU bookmaker
William Hill Logo

NFL Live Betting: Watch the action and then place your bet

The field of participants in the National Football League is often very evenly matched, and several teams are considered favorites. When similar strong teams face each other, it can be difficult to decide on an NFL bet. However, this is not a problem as almost every bookmaker offers live betting for the NFL. This allows you to watch the game unfold in the first quarter and then place the perfect bet.

The odds for NFL live betting often change. For example, if one team scores the first touchdown, the winning chances for that team increase. The opponent falls behind due to the touchdown, resulting in higher odds for a victory. Since the odds are adjusted in real-time, you can create your own betting strategy that targets such scenarios. Secure higher odds on the actual favorite to maximize your winnings.

It's also interesting to note that many NFL bookmakers offer live streaming. So, you don't necessarily need a subscription to a pay-TV channel to watch a National Football League game. Take a look at a bookmaker's betting calendar and check for NFL live streams.

NFL betting extras: Numerous features support your sports betting

Due to the fierce competition in the sports betting industry, some bookmakers constantly come up with new features. The most well-known feature is the "Cash-Out" function. With this tool, you can sell your bet before the final whistle to secure a profit.

Another interesting feature is the "Edit Bet" function, which is offered by some betting platforms. During the game, you can modify your bet to react to events in the match. Naturally, the odds will change based on your modifications, allowing you to gain an advantage if the odds increase as a result.

Creating your own NFL sports bet is also possible now. By combining multiple betting options in the "Bet Builder" or "Bet Configurator," you can create a unique bet. Combining different NFL bets often leads to a rapid increase in odds, potentially resulting in a high payout if your bet is successful.

NFL Betting Strategy: Find out before you place a bet

When placing an NFL bet, there is always some inherent risk involved. Since you have no control over the game, you can only hope that your favorite team will win the match. However, there are numerous tricks and tips that can help increase your chances of success, and that's where having a betting strategy comes into play.

Developing your own strategy requires patience and sufficient funds to experiment with different approaches. In terms of funds, it's advisable to take advantage of an NFL betting bonus. By receiving additional funds from many bookmakers, you can work on a functional strategy without using your deposited balance.

Before placing a bet, it's crucial to gather various information about both teams. Factors such as injured players, the current form of the teams, and even the weather conditions at the venue can play an important role in an NFL match. The internet offers numerous websites and forums where discussions take place. If everything seems to favor a victory for your chosen team, then there should be no obstacles in placing your bet.

Data & facts about the Super Bowl

It's not without reason that the Super Bowl is considered the biggest sporting event of the year by many sports fans. Each year, the number of viewers continues to rise, with approximately 99 million people from around the world watching the National Football League's championship game in Super Bowl 2022. Another unique aspect of the Super Bowl is the extravagant and often specially produced commercials that are shown during the numerous breaks. Particularly in America, a hype has emerged, with a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl now costing around 5 million US dollars.

Additional statistics, facts, and factors about the Super Bowl:

  • A Super Bowl ticket costs on average €10,000
  • More than a billion chicken wings will be sold before the NFL finals
  • Tom Brady is the most successful player in the NFL – the quarterback made seven successful appearances in ten Super Bowl appearances
  • Each player on the winning team will receive a unique ring
  • The Super Bowl champions will receive $150,000 in prize money, while the losers will receive a $75,000 consolation prize
  • The winner of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy

American football betting: Apart from the NFL, there are also interesting leagues

In addition to betting on the NFL, there are other interesting leagues where American football is played. First and foremost is college football, which holds a significant place in America and produces future stars.

You can also place sports bets on American football in other countries. This includes leagues such as the GFL (German Football League) or the AFL (Austrian Football League). Both leagues are highly advanced and are also televised. Furthermore, football betting providers include matches from these leagues in their offerings.

Another highlight is the European League of Football (ELF), which is gaining more and more attention from football fans. The best teams from across Europe compete against each other for the trophy. In 2022, the final took place between Vienna and Hamburg, with the Austrian team emerging as the winners.

NFL live on TV or with a bookmaker

To get a glimpse of the game action in a match, a subscription to a pay-TV channel is often required. To watch all NFL season matches live, the "NFL Game Pass" must be purchased. For viewers in Germany and Austria, it's also worth looking into the provider "DAZN," which broadcasts the most interesting matches live.

A particularly popular format among NFL fans is "RedZone," which is included in both the Game Pass and DAZN. It is a type of conference broadcast where, unlike in soccer, a single host leads and jumps from game to game based on where the action is most interesting at the moment.

A free alternative is the provider "ProSieben." Some games can be watched on the main channel as well as on the affiliate channel "ProSieben MAXX." The Super Bowl is usually offered with great pre-game coverage. For NFL fans in Austria, "Puls4" also offers several matches per week on free TV.