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Ice Hockey
Your Betting Bonus and Betting Offers

Ice hockey Betting, Betting Odds, Betting Bonus, and the most exciting leagues in detail May 2023

Most online bookmakers focus on football betting, which makes up a large part of the betting offering. However, immediately afterwards, several other sports can be found that are also very popular among sports betting fans. These include tennis, basketball, American football, and of course, ice hockey!

Ice hockey betting is very interesting, as often great betting odds are offered. Betting fans not only have the chance to place bets on the best league from America, the NHL, but in many other countries, the sport is also extremely popular, which means there is a huge range of betting options available. So, a great win can also be achieved with a bet on other international Ice hockey leagues.

For Ice hockey fans, there are numerous bookmakers to be found on the internet. However, when choosing a bookmaker, there are some details to consider. This includes, for example, the quality of the betting odds, the sports betting bonus, and of course, the range of betting options, which ideally provides several betting possibilities. With us, you will find all the details about ice hockey betting. In addition to the best bonus promotions and the operator with the highest odds, we also want to list many other pieces of information for you.

Ice hockey betting: Place your first bet slip today.

Placing a bet on an ice hockey game is extremely popular and, alongside football, tennis, and basketball, is one of the most interesting sports to bet on. To place a bet on your favorite team, you need a reputable and secure online sports betting provider. We are here to support you in your search for the perfect bookmaker.

To ensure that you have fun, excitement, and a great chance to win when placing your bet, it is essential to consider some key features of the sports betting platform before registering. These include the range of ice hockey betting options, ice hockey betting odds, and, of course, a good bonus offer. We will now show you in detail how to distinguish a mediocre sports betting provider from a great online bookmaker.

Betting options for your ice hockey bet: A great selection of bets is available

Let's first take a look at the betting options offered by bookmakers. There are numerous leagues on which you can place bets, but this alone is not enough to be a great betting provider. Much more important is the number of betting options available. The more ice hockey betting options you are offered, the greater the selection and chance of finding a suitable bet.

Before we take a closer look at the different ice hockey betting markets, let's list the best leagues in the world for you.

  • National Hockey League (NHL – USA, Kanada)
  • Continentale Hockey Liga (CHL – Russia + Teams from China, Belarus und Kazakhstan)
  • National League (Swiss)
  • Svenska Hockeyligan (SHL – Sweden)
  • Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL – Germany)

The most popular ice hockey betting options

When it comes to ice hockey betting, the bet on a winner is by far the most popular betting option. However, it is important to note that the well-known "1X2 bet" only applies to the regular playing time. If your favorite team wins in overtime, the bet is considered lost. To protect against this scenario, a 2-way bet is offered, which takes into account overtime or penalty shootout.

Many sports betting fans now also bet on over/under bets. Most betting portals offer several of these bets, where you have to decide whether the predetermined number of a particular event will be reached or not. This betting market is quickly explained by an ice hockey bet on the number of goals. If the bookmaker predicts that at least six goals will be scored, the over bet wins if the prediction comes true. However, if the game ends during regular playing time below this value, an under bet would win.

In the top 3 of ice hockey betting options, you can also find the "handicap bet". In this ice hockey bet, one team starts with a virtual lead or deficit and must manage or catch up with it. Especially the over/under bets, as well as a handicap bet, offer very high odds, making them a great alternative to the winner bet.

  • Moneyline: A bet on which team will win the game outright.
  • Puck line: A bet on the margin of victory, similar to a point spread in other sports.
  • Over/under: A bet on the total number of goals scored in the game, with the bettor choosing whether they think the total will be over or under the set line.
  • Futures: A bet on the outcome of a future event, such as who will win the Stanley Cup at the end of the season.
  • Props: A bet on specific outcomes within a game, such as which player will score the first goal.
  • Live betting: A bet on the game while it is in progress, with constantly updated odds and options.
  • These are just a few of the most popular ice hockey betting options, but there are many more available depending on the bookmaker and the league being bet on.

Ice hockey betting bonus: Get an advantage through a Free Bet

If you are looking for a suitable ice hockey bookmaker, you should not ignore the betting bonus. Due to the huge competition in the sports betting market, there are many providers with great bonus promotions for ice hockey bettors. A ice hockey betting bonus will often give you a doubling of your first deposit. Furthermore, many promotions with a free bet are waiting for you. With most betting portals you will find a bonus that is not designed for a single sport. If there is no exciting ice hockey bet available at the moment, you can also bet on another sports.

By claiming a hockey betting promo code you are securing a great benefit. With additional credit or a free bet, you have significantly more capital available for your bets. This offers you the opportunity to place bets more often or to place higher bets right at the beginning, so that the possible profit also increases.

A great Ice hockey bonus at Stake is available

We went looking for the best ice hockey betting bonus and found it with the well-known provider “Stake”. With the new customer bonus, which you can exclusively find with us, you secure a high bonus amount and can then immediately start placing your ice hockey bets. The VIP program of the betting portal and many other bonus campaigns are also impressive and offer you numerous bonus bets. Use the Stake promo code: BONUSDIRECT and you will get Free Bets and an impressive Welcome Bonus of 1.000 $.

Before redeeming the ice hockey bonus: The bonus terms and conditions determine victory or defeat

The highest bonus is not always the best. Much more you should take a look at the bonus conditions, as these ultimately decide whether you lose or win.

There are three important characteristics of a bonus to consider. The wagering requirement specifies how often the bonus credit received must be used. A minimum odds shows you how high the betting odds on your betting slip must be for the stake to be deducted from the wagering requirements. In addition, there is a time limit in which the wagering requirement must be completed in full, otherwise the bonus funds may be canceled.

Ice hockey bets without a deposit: Is that even possible?

One of the most interesting bonus offers in the sports betting market is the no deposit bonus. Immediately after registering, new sports betting fans receive some bonus credit on their betting account without having to pay a single cent.

If you should find such an ice hockey deal with our help, you can bet on the best leagues in the world without risk of loss and even get the chance to pay out winnings.

Ice hockey Odds Boosts and many more bonus promotions

As ice hockey is highly popular among many bookmakers, you can find some bonus promotions for loyal bettors. One of the most common bonuses is the odds boost or enhanced odds, which increases the betting odds significantly, allowing you to secure more winnings. Make sure to check our Hot Deals page regularly, so that you won't miss any odds boosts!

Moreover, there are numerous interesting ice hockey bonus deals available. In addition to a multi-bet extra win and an ice hockey free bet, a good bookmaker's bonus section also includes raffles, Ice hockey tickets, and many other promotions.

Ice Hockey betting odds: High odds offer significantly more attractive winnings

Experienced sports bettors will certainly know that the quality of the odds is a crucial factor in an ice hockey bet. The higher the odds, the higher the possible winnings.

Almost every bookmaker offers different odds, so when choosing the perfect ice hockey betting operator, a look at this feature should definitely be taken. The best provider can be quickly identified by means of an odds comparison.

The so-called "ice hockey surebet" is particularly interesting. This involves placing a bet with several bookmakers. No matter how the game ends, the bettor always wins in the end because they have adjusted their stakes to the odds.

The best online bookmakers for Ice Hockey

The sports betting market is more extensive than ever before. Over 200 betting platforms compete for every new customer and often outdo each other with bonus offers or the height of their odds. However, when selecting the best betting portal, it is essential to pay attention to the reliability. Only then, if a valid gambling license is available, high profits can be paid out without problems and a fair chance is offered.

To ensure that you do not end up with an unreliable bookmaker, we have selected the best providers for ice hockey betting:

Ice Hockey live betting & live streams

Thanks to the great interest in ice hockey betting, the aforementioned providers also offer live betting. Even after the start of the first period, you still have a chance to place your ice hockey bet. In the live betting center of a bookmaker, you will be shown the betting odds on already started matches and can be placed on the betting slip.

Many ice hockey matches are broadcast on the pages of betting portals. By placing a bet, you can unlock the live stream and watch the game to find the perfect live bet.

Live betting is something very special. This is because the odds are constantly changing. For example, if the opponent of your favorite team takes the lead, a significantly better odds will be offered to you immediately after the deficit. With a bit of luck and skill, you can secure a much higher profit if your favorite team turns the game around and you place a bet.

Ice Hockey Cash out and Betbuilder

In addition to the standard features, many bookmakers offer sports betting extras that can enhance your Eishockey betting experience. One such feature is the cash-out function, which allows you to sell a bet before it's settled for a profit. The bet builder or configurator is another exciting feature that lets you create a customized bet by combining multiple selections.

Other extras that may be available for Eishockey betting include live streaming of matches, live statistics and scores, in-play betting, and mobile betting apps. These features can help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in a match and make informed betting decisions on the go. It's always a good idea to check with your preferred bookmaker to see what extras they offer and how they can help you make the most of your Eishockey bets.

Create your own ice hockey betting strategy for better winnings

Without a good Ice hockey betting strategy most sports betting fans will incur losses in the long run. This is often not just due to luck, but also due to the approach of the bettor. Before placing a bet, you should inform yourself about the current form of the team, injuries, transfers, and departures. There are numerous fan forums where fans of the clubs discuss daily events.

However, to achieve long-term success, it is not enough to have knowledge of the sport and teams. Develop your own ice hockey betting strategy with different betting options and good information gathering. One strategy, for example, could be to only bet on favorites.

Ice Hockey on TV and Livestreams

If you want to follow a placed bet live, you can find some TV channels with a live broadcast. Most matches of the big leagues can be found on a pay-TV provider such as Sky Sports or DAZN or Eurosport. However, there are also broadcasts on free-to-air TV channels such as Sport 1 and Servus TV in Austria.

Similarly, live broadcasts are often offered by bookmakers. If you have made a deposit and placed a bet in the last few weeks, you can also watch matches from different leagues here.

If you want to get the best ice hockey betting bonus for NHL, DEL or ICE bets, make a bonus request with us, and we'll negotiate the best bonus for you.