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Free Bets, Promo Codes and MORE

Sports betting and casino offers of the month May 2023

You can find special sports betting and casino offers from selected betting and casino operators under Hot Deals, such as: Free bet no deposit offers or exclusive betting bonus codes. The biggest advantage of these unique offers is that these exclusive offers are not subject to to strict conditions. If you haven’t decided which bookmaker is the right one for you, then check out our latest bookmaker reviews - maybe it will make your decision a little bit easier. You can also find an overview of various payment providers by category at BONUS.DIRECT.


A freebet is basically a risk-free amount that you can place on a bet. If the bet is won, then the winnings are booked to the betting account, but the freebet amount will be deducted.

An example: You get a 10 € Free Bet from your bookmaker. You then place a 10 € bet with odds of 2.0 – you win the bet, therefore the calculation is as follows: 10€ x 2.0 = 20 € profit. The freebet amount will then be deducted from your balance, therefore a 10 € amount will be deducted from your 20 € in winnings, a profit of 10 € will remain.

Alternatively, there are Free-Bets where you can also keep the amount of the Free-Bet.

An example: If you place a 15 € Free Bet from a Bookmaker with the odds of 2.00, you’ll win 30 € and you can keep the entire amount, that’s the amount of the Free Bet plus winnings.

Free Bet Codes from BONUS.DIRECT

BONUS.DIRECT exclusive Free Bet Codes are only available with us. These extra promo codes or free bets are subject to attractive bonus conditions - it only needs to be wagered 1x.

To put it simply, we will pay your first bet with this bonus code promotion! Since you also get exciting new customer bonuses at all sports betting providers - some give away up to 400% in sports betting bonus - you will get a significant added value from BONUS.DIRECT. With these offers, casino fans will also get their money's worth, because we also have casino bonus codes for popular casinos.

A 25 € deposit example: You deposit 25 € via PayPal with your preferred sports betting or casino operator, who then offers you a sports betting bonus of 100%. This means, you’ll get 50 € booked to your betting account, and we will increase this amount for you by another 25 € with a Free Bet. In a nutshell, you get to play with 75 € in free money, even though you only invested just 25 €. You can also look at it this way. We'll give you the 25 € you deposited, so in this example you get a 50 € gift. It doesn't get any better than that!

We’re currently offering many eye-catching betting promotions from well-known bookies and casinos.
There are always new betting promo code offers on our HOT-DEALS page, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Odds boosts

What actually is an odds boost? The odds boost has become a fixed marketing tool in the world of sports betting. As the name suggests, an odds boost will “increase” your odds, so they are i.e. boosted. In England, this form of increasing odds is also called Enhanced Odds. You get much better odds on selected sporting events than standard odds. This makes betting on such a boosted odds very appealing. Just make sure you pay attention to the bet (amount) on matches with odds boosts, because for the most part these have restrictions.


These offers are aimed at players who are ready to play with larger amounts.

The term HIGHROLLER actually comes from the casino scene. Everyone is familiar with the players who fly to Las Vegas on their private planes and stay for free in the best hotels.

In the online sports betting and casino world these players are particularly well rewarded. BONUS.DIRECT also has its own sports betting and casino VIP and highroller service, and works with well-known sports betting and casino providers to bring the right level of service to this customer group. For example, welcome bonus offers for highrollers can be several thousand Dollars. In order to win over this clientele, HIGHROLLER and VIP customers mostly get their own personalized client service, VIP tickets, trips or even real cash.

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