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Free bet with no deposit, freebets, vouchers February 2023

A freebet is basically a risk-free amount that you can place on a bet. If the bet is won, then the winnings are booked to the betting account, but the freebet amount will be deducted.

An example: You get a 10 euro freebet from your betting provider. You then place a €10 bet with odds of 2.0 – you win the bet therefore the calculation is as follows: 10 x 2.0 = €20 profit. The freebet amount will then be deducted from you, therefore a €10 freebet amount will be deducted from your €20 in winnings, which leaves you with a €10 profit.

So, the free bet with no deposit is more attractive compared to the freebet with no deposit, because apart from the winnings you get, you also get to keep the betting bonus (the free bet).

An example: If you place a €15 free bet from a betting provider with the odds of 2.00, you’ll win €30 and get to keep the entire amount, that’s the betting bonus plus winnings