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formula 1
bonuses, odds and free bets

Formula 1 betting: odds, betting bonus and race calendar May 2023

Formula 1 is one of the most interesting racing sports in the world. This can be seen by the number of viewers. Around 108.7 million people watched the 2021 heart stopping finale in Abu Dhabi. Especially since Mercedes was not able to win the Constructors' World Championship last season for the first time in eight years! Fans are eagerly awaiting the new racing calendar.

Formula 1 betting is especially interesting for motorsport fans. With wide-ranging betting odds and exciting Formula 1 betting opportunities, the thrill of free practice, qualifying and Sunday races will be even more intense.

With us, you’ll know everything you need to know about Formula 1. In addition to betting options, odds and Formula 1 betting operators, let's also take a quick look at the question “Who will be World Champion in 2023?”. We also want to show you how an even higher profit can be achieved with a Formula 1 betting bonus.

Betting on Formula 1: fun and excitement are guaranteed

Just like football, tennis, basketball or any other popular sport, you can also place Formula 1 bets. Of course, you’ll need a secure and reliable Formula 1 betting provider. Selecting a sports betting provider isn’t always easy, since more than 100 bookmakers are now offering their services on the sports betting market.

Along with an extensive betting offer for Formula 1, there are many other factors to consider. For example, betting options, Formula 1 betting odds and a Formula 1 betting bonuses, all play an important role. We’d like to fill you in on what to look out for when selecting the right betting provider.

Formula 1 betting options: A vast selection of betting markets is available

Some BONUS.DIRECT Fans have most likely already dealt with a Formula 1 bet. In recent years, the sports betting market has been steadily developing which means now there are several different types of bets to choose from.

The most popular motorsport bets are definitely betting tips on a free practice winner, qualifying or F1 race, as well as long-term bets on the overall World Championship winner. Along with these Formula 1 betting markets, there are many special bets that you should also regularly have a look at. This way you’ll be able to bring home a win on race Sunday.

But it’s not just betting on the winners. You can also place bets on Formula 1 failures or who don’t cross the finish line.

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The most popular Formula 1 betting options in detail

In addition to the Formula 1 bets on the winner of a race and overall standings, it’s also important to mention special bets like the winner of the Constructors' Championship. Between 2014 and 2021, the Mercedes racing team has been able to secure this title every year. However, ever since 2021 Toto Wolff's racing team has not been up to the challenge against the Austrian World Champion Red Bull Racing team. Even Ferrari performed better than Mercedes last year.

At the moment there aren't enough bets available to name the bookmakers' favorites for the next title. The favourites in the first race in Bahrain are currently – with no surprise – world champion Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc.

Special bets on Formula 1

A Formula 1 special bet is a bet on a special racing event, a battle between two drivers or the fastest lap. Let's have a detailed look at special bets to get a better understanding.

The so-called F1 “Head-to-Head” is a battle between two drivers. In this Formula 1 bet, you get to bet on one of the two chosen rivals. Most bets are usually placed on which driver will obtain a better position at the end of the race.

A bet on a safety car deployment is also in the portfolio of many Formula 1 bookmakers and is self-explanatory. Another thing that’s self-explanatory is the bet on which driver will drive the fastest lap during the race.

It gets interesting when bets are offered on individual drivers. This is where you can bet who will place where at the end of the race. In addition to that, there are bets on internal duels between two teammates.

You don’t have to sign up in order to get a complete insight into betting options from Formula 1 betting providers. The overall Formula 1 betting offer can be viewed before you even register. If you take a look at the selection of Formula 1 bets before registering, you will immediately see what's offered.

Formula 1 betting bonus: Get even higher winnings with a bonus

When choosing the right Formula 1 betting portal, don’t lose sight of the betting bonus. Almost every bookmaker now offers new customers a welcome bonus that brings in additional credit or a freebet. In most cases, these bonus promotions are not designed for a specific sport, so you can bet on the entire betting line-up.

With a Formula 1 new customer bonus, tipsters get the chance to place a higher bet right at the beginning. As a result of the increased stake, the possible profit also increases significantly. Formula 1 betting vouchers in the form of a freebet are also good to have due to its risk-free nature.

Which betting provider has the best Formula 1 bonus?

The betting provider with the best and highest Formula 1 betting bonus is currently none other than 1xBit. This bookmaker doubles your deposit up to a full Bitcoin. You can place the highest bets for Formula 1 at our partner Stake. This is also where the international VIPs bet on their Formula 1 stars. But there are some other interesting Formula 1 bookies, like bet365 or William Hill.

Bonus conditions determine a fair Formula 1 bonus

At the end of the day, the amount of the bonus credit or free bet should not necessarily be the reason why an offer is accepted. In connection with a Formula 1 betting bonus, there are always various bonus conditions that affect a payout of the bonus credit you receive and winnings from it.

So, before you redeem your Formula 1 betting bonus, it’s important for you to read all the bonus conditions and understand them. Because it’s only a fair Formula 1 sports betting bonus if there is a real and simple chance of a turnover.

Formula 1 betting no deposit: Increased odds at Formula 1 events

Since Formula 1 has received a lot of new fans in recent years, Formula 1 bookmakers have also reacted and are offering special promotions for racing weekends.

One of the most popular bonus promotions is the Formula 1 odds boost (enhanced odds). Increased Formula 1 betting odds are offered not just for free practice, but for the qualifying and race, so that potential winnings will significantly increase on the betting slip. However, to get a Formula 1 bet like this with no deposit, will require a good betting provider who specializes in Formula 1.

Formula 1 betting odds: Each betting provider has different odds

In addition to the motorsport betting bonus on Formula 1, the 1 betting odds are also relevant. Each bookmaker has its own odds key to calculate its odds. For this reason, the Formula 1 betting odds also vary from provider to provider.

Anyone who deals with odds before registering has the chance at bigger winnings if the bet is successful. With a little information, an odds comparison can also be made in order to find the provider with the highest Formula 1 betting odds. An alternative would be so-called betting tips sites that specialize in this sport.

The best Formula 1 bookmakers at a glance

There are many providers who are worth considering when it comes to a Formula 1 bet. But not every bookmaker is suitable for placing a bet since it always depends to some extent on the tipster's preferences. In our list, you can find the best Formula 1 betting providers. Due to different strengths, it’s possible to place tax-free Formula 1 bets. Other betting portals have a terrific Formula 1 betting offer, or bonus promotions designed for motorsport fans.

Here are some of the most popular sports betting providers:

• Formula 1 betting at Admiral

• Formula 1 betting at

• Formula 1 betting at ber365

• Formula 1 betting at Betano

• Formula 1 bets at bet-at-home

• Formula 1 betting at bwin

• Formula 1 bets at Stake (high bets possible)

• Formula 1 bets at 1xBit

• Formula 1 bets at Rabona (€10 FREE BET via BONUS.DIRECT)

• Formula 1 betting at Happybet

• Formula 1 betting at 888sport

• Formula 1 betting at Interwetten (€22 FREE BET via BONUS.DIRECT)

Live bets on Formula 1: Place a bet after the start of the race

For Formula 1 fans who don’t want to commit to a favorite before a race, there are several betting providers who also offer Formula 1 live bets. After the race has started and the first laps have been driven, a bet can be placed afterwards.

With this function, motorsport fans can get a glimpse into the start of the race and the first laps. Formula 1 live betting can be a blessing or a curse since the odds are adjusted very quickly. For example, if you have a feeling before the start that a driver will be struggling, and this also happens, live betting odds on this driver will be adjusted downwards quite rapidly. The other way around could see the odds on the actual favorite significantly increase if he gets off to a bad start and loses a few places.

Formula 1 teams & drivers

Here is a short list of all of the teams and drivers for the 2023 season. Teams are ranked based on their performance in the 2022 Constructors' Championship, starting with world champions Red Bull and finishing with last team Williams.

Team Drivers
Red Bull Racing (AUT, World Champions) Driver 1: Max Verstappen (NED, World Champion)
Driver 2: Sergio Pérez (MEX)
Ferrari (ITA) Driver 1: Charles Leclerc (MCO)
Driver 2: Carlos Sainz (ESP)
Mercedes (GER) Driver 1: George Russell (GBR)
Driver 2: Lewis Hamilton (GBR)
Alpine F1 Team (FRA) Driver 1: Esteban Ocon (FRA)
Driver 2: Pierre Gasly (FRA)
McLaren (GBR) Driver 1: Oscar Piastri (AUS)
Driver 2: Lando Norris (GBR)
Alfa Romeo (SUI) Driver 1: Valtteri Bottas (FIN)
Driver 2: Zhou Guanyu (CHN)
Aston Martin (GBR) Driver 1: Lance Stroll (CAN)
Driver 2: Fernando Alonso (ESP)
Haas (USA) Driver 1: Kevin Magnussen (DEN)
Driver 2: Nico Hülkenberg
Alpha Tauri (ITA) Driver 1: Nyck de Vries (NED)
Driver 2: Yuki Tsunoda (JPN)
Williams (GBR) Driver 1: Alexander Albon (THA)
Driver 2: Logan Sargeant (USA)

2022 Formula 1 race calendar

Exciting races await Formula 1 fans again this season. After 22 races last season, 24 races are planned for this year. However, it's currently (02/01/2023) not yet clear whether the canceled Chinese Grand Prix will be held in another country or completely removed from the calendar.

Once again, several races will sometimes take place in the same country, which means that one of the races will not be considered as the Grand Prix of the specific country, but of the respective city or region. There are also six sprint races on the program, which are always held on the Saturday before the Grand Prix and are held over a smaller number of laps than the race. In total, the sprints cover around 100 kilometers and last between 25 and 30 minutes, and qualifying has to take place on Friday.

2023 Formula 1 race calendar:

  • 05 March: Bahrain Grand Prix (Sakhir)
  • 19 March: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Jedda)
  • 02 April: Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne)
  • 16 April: Chinese Grand Prix (cancelled without replacement)
  • 30 April: Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)
  • 07 May: Miami Grand Prix (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • 21 May: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (Imola)
  • 28 May: Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo)
  • 04 June: Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona)
  • 18 June: Canadian Grand Prix (Montréal)
  • 02 July: Austrian Grand Prix (Spielberg)
  • 09 July: British Grand Prix (Silverstone)
  • 23 July: Hungarian Grand Prix (Mogyoród)
  • 30 July: Belgian Grand Prix (Spa)
  • 27 August: Dutch Grand Prix (Zandvoort)
  • 03 September: Italian Grand Prix (Monza)
  • 17 September: Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore)
  • 24 September: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka)
  • 08 October: Qatar Grand Prix (Lusail)
  • 22 October: United States Grand Prix (Austin, TX)
  • 29 October: Mexico City Grand Prix (Mexico City)
  • 05 November: São Paulo Grand Prix (São Paulo)
  • 18 November: Las Vegas Grand Prix (Las Vegas, NV)
  • 26 November: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Abu Dhabi)

The most important race circuits of the 2022 Formula 1 season:

In addition to the season opener in Bahrain, there are many other important circuits to list. The third race in Melbourne (Australia) is regarded as an indicator for the following races. Since racing teams aren’t quite sure in the beginning how they’ll measure up to the competition, this will be the first real test for them.

Picking individual races is not easy. One of the most important races for Formula 1 drivers will certainly be the Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo). On the narrow track, the qualifying position plays an important role, since there are very few overtaking opportunities on the track. The British GP (Silverstone) also makes the hearts of drivers and Formula 1 fans on the island beat faster.

The Belgium Grand Prix (Spa) and the Netherlands (Zandvoort) will certainly turn out to be pandemonium this year. Due to reigning Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen, an orange sea of fans will be waiting for the drivers. Afterwards then it’s on to Italy, where the Grand Prix will take place in Monza. This event on the Formula 1 racing calendar is one of the biggest events for both drivers and fans. That's because the race has been held here every year since the beginning.

If it comes down to an exciting finale like last year, then the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will once again become an important race. This is where the world champion and constructors' title could be decided at the last second. After this race, long-term bets on the Formula 1 World Champion will also be paid out.

Formula 1 live on tv: Follow the races here

Michael Schuhmacher and RTL have made Formula 1 big in Germany and surrounding countries. However, since 2020, the races have mainly disappeared from free TV. Pay-TV channel “Sky” has secured the rights to Formula 1 and shows all of the races live.

Nevertheless, a part of the Formula 1 racing calendar will be shown on free TV. Like in the previous year, RTL will show four races live on free TV. The Imola Grand Prix (04/24/22), Silverstone (07/03/22), Zandvoort (09/04/22) and Sao Paulo (11/13/2022) will be broadcast live on television to German Formula 1 fans. Right now, 12 out of the 23 scheduled races will be broadcast in Austria on ServusTV, the remaining Formula 1 races will be broadcast on ORF 1.