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Basketball betting bonus
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Basketball betting, today’s betting tips as well as the best betting bonus at BONUS.DIRECT May 2023

In some countries around the world, basketball has now become one of the most popular sports. The sport is also gaining momentum in Europe. Even if you’re not a basketballer yourself, you can still follow several exciting basketball tournaments and leagues on TV or the on internet. In addition to national tournaments and leagues, basketball fans can also enjoy the European and World Championships.

If you want to have even more fun and excitement while the world’s best basketball teams are going head-to-head, then you can place a basketball sports bet with any basketball bookmaker. Many basketball betting operators can be found online. When making a selection, take a look at the betting offer, basketball betting bonus and of course the reliability and security of the bookmaker.

Get ready to learn everything about basketball sports betting. In addition to the best leagues in the world, we’ll also take a look at current betting options, basketball bonus offers and the huge importance of basketball betting odds.

Basketball betting: Today’s betting tips on your favorites

In addition to football, tennis, ice hockey or Formula 1 bets, a basketball bet is one of the most frequent placed bets around the world. For example, in order to be able to place a bet on the NBA or BBL, you’ll need a online bookmaker.

In the meantime, there are well over 100 different betting portals on the sports betting market. Before you register with an online bookmaker, there are several qualities from a provider that should be gone over with a fine-tooth comb. That’s why you’ve hit the jackpot with us! We’ll show you in detail what strengths and weaknesses a basketball betting provider should have. If you think the basketball betting offer goes hand-in-hand with your betting interests, then nothing will stand in the way of placing a bet.

We’d like to explain to you in full detail which things definitely deserve your full attention. Basketball betting offers with countless betting options, basketball bonus offers and betting odds as well as basketball special bets also play an important role for us.

Basketball sports betting: Become a betting professional with basketball betting

Let's begin our basketball betting guide with the betting offer. Almost every betting portal now offers several basketball leagues and tournaments. A good basketball betting provider has a wide selection of basketball bets. That way fans can place an NBA bet as well as a bet on the German BBL and many other top leagues, like the Greek Basket League – where the betting amount is very high, since the Greeks love to bet on basketball.

For most basketball fans, the NBA will definitely be of interest. The best players in the world compete against each other in the American league and play against each other at the highest level. But basketball is also very trendy in other countries and offers exciting games. Due to the high demand for basketball bets, we’ve gone ahead and selected the best leagues.

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Turkish Airlines EuroLeague (EuroLeague)
  • Spanish League (ACB)
  • Turkish Basketball League (Super League)
  • Turkish Basketball League (Super League)
  • Russian League (VTB United League)
  • German League (BBL)
  • Italian League (Serie A)
  • French League (Pro A)
  • Greek League (Basket League)

An overview of the most popular basketball betting options

If you have ever placed sports bets online or at a betting company then you’ve seen the wide variety of betting options. Just like with sports bets on football, tennis or the NFL, there are numerous basketball betting options offered.

The best-known and most popular betting option is the winner bet. When it comes to a basketball bet, there is a big variation to watch out for. Since every basketball game has to have a winner, the bet is a 2-way bet. That means there is no draw in basketball.

Over or under bets are also very popular. This basketball betting option refers to the number of points a team will get during the game or the total number of points in the game. As a sports betting fan, you get to decide whether the score will be reached (over bet) or not (under bet). Because this betting option brings with it high basketball betting odds, it’s often more worthwhile to place than a simple bet on the winner.

Many other basketball betting options are waiting

In addition to the winner or over/under bet, there are many other basketball betting options with high odds with bookmakers. Around 100 different special bets can be found with the best basketball betting providers on special events like the NBA Playoffs or world championship.

Since listing all of the betting options that go along with a basketball bet would take forever and a day, we’ll list the most popular betting markets below.

These betting options are also accompanied by many basketball long-term bets. Which means you could bet on the overall winner before a league, or a tournament starts. You can also find exceptionally high basketball betting odds here, to make a bet worthwhile. Visiting a bookmaker’s website will give you a complete insight into every basketball betting option. Even without registering, you can still get an eye-opener into the broad range of betting offers including all betting options.

  • Handicap bets: A team starts with a virtual deficit or lead and has to maintain it or catch up
  • Winner of a quarter: You can also bet on the winner of each of the four quarters
  • Half-time bets: Bets are available on the winner at half-time or on points scored - half-time is after two quarters
  • Winning margin of a team: This betting opportunity offers very high basketball betting odds
  • How many points will a team score
  • How many points, rebounds or steals does a particular player get

Basketball betting bonus: Get the advantage with a basketball betting voucher

When looking for the perfect basketball bookmaker, keeping the betting bonus in view is important. Many betting portals offer newly registered sports betting fans a welcome bonus, which adds additional credits to their betting account. Free bets and betting vouchers are also offered by a lot of betting providers. This way placing your first bet on the basketball team of your choice will be risk free.

As a rule of thumb, most bonus offers for new customers aren’t just designed for basketball. It’s a bonus that can be used on all sports. Along with a basketball bet, a sports bet on other sports such as football, motorsport, or baseball can also be placed with the bonus credit.

A sports betting bonus gives you a huge advantage. Since additional credits or a free bet is transferred to your betting account, you won’t have to bet with the deposited credit. Instead, you can use the bonus voucher first.

Which basketball betting provider has the best bonus?

There are a lot of basketball bookmakers that offer a great bonus for new customers. What’s more, many betting portals also provide loyal customers with a VIP bonus or other existing customer bonuses. At BONUS.DIRECT you can even get a reload bonus for your basketball bets from some betting providers. Learn more about this by sending a bonus request from your BONUS.DIRECT account.

For basketball however, the betting provider “Stake” has made a name for itself. In addition to a great betting offer and excellent basketball betting odds, the provider currently offers the best bonus. At BONUS.DIRECT there’s an extra bonus up to €1,000 - Click here to go to Stake

Basketball bonus offers: Make sure to pay close attention to the bonus conditions

You should definitely take a look at the bonus conditions before the thought of turning over your basketball betting bonus crosses your mind. This is where it is decided whether a bonus offer offers added value or has too high requirements, and thus no longer classifies as "attractive".

An offer should be accepted if and only if the bonus conditions meet your expectations. If the specified conditions are too high, then you will find numerous alternatives with us, which are probably better equipped with significantly better bonus conditions.

Basketball betting with no deposit: The risk-free bet in detail

The most interesting sports betting bonus is the "no deposit bonus". As you can already guess from the name, you won’t have to deposit your own money to be able to bet on basketball as a new customer. If a basketball betting bonus can be found with no deposit, it should definitely be accepted because there’s no risk when you place a bet.

BONUS.DIRECT will help you find this kind of bonus. It’s a service we offer our
loyal BONUS.DIRECT fans, so it’s definitely worth registering on our website. We negotiate exclusive no deposit betting vouchers for our fans on a regular basis, so try it out now.


Basketball odds boost and other existing bonuses

Since basketball betting is now very popular all over the world, some basketball bookmakers provide bonus offers like a basketball odds boost. This is an increase in the betting odds, which means your profit as a tipster will be even better.

In addition to basketball odds boosts, there are many other existing customer bonuses for you out there. Let’s say you decide to go with a basketball combi-bet from several basketball games, an additional profit can be made at many betting portals. Providers like bet365 offer extra percentages on your combi-bets. Try it out and get extra winnings. To bet365 - click here

Basketball betting odds: It’s worth it to compare basketball odds

To find the perfect basketball betting provider, you should always keep in mind that the betting odds are a key component. Since betting odds are decisive for the amount of your winnings, a provider with high betting odds is a good choice. Every basketball bookmaker usually offers different odds on a game. This is because each betting portal has its own odds evaluation to calculate chances of winning.

Before you consider registering, you should definitely take a closer look at this topic and check out the odds from different betting providers. This is why comparing betting odds is important. This way you can quickly and easily filter out the best online betting providers - basketball betting odds from different providers are listed for comparison.

Betano has a very good basketball betting offer and high basketball betting odds but bwin is also on top of its game with a basketball odds key of 95%.

Because there are so many different betting odds, a risk-free bet is also a possibility. The so-called "surebet" for basketball is a bet that results in a 100% profit. The bet is adjusted to the odds, so that in the end there is always a profit since different betting providers bet on both teams.

The best betting providers for basketball betting

We've mentioned it before – there are over 100 different places to place a basketball bet on the internet. However, since there can be difficulties with bookmakers, only licensed and reliable betting portals should be considered.

So that our readers don’t have to deal with unreliable portals, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of the best basketball betting providers. With each of the betting portals listed, fraud is excluded. These providers have been operating on the market for several years and have a valid license.

  • Basketball betting at Bwin
  • Basketball betting at Betano
  • Basketball betting at bet365
  • Basketball betting at Stake
  • Basketball betting at Admiralbet
  • Basketball betting at bet-at-home
  • Basketball betting at Interwetten
  • Basketball betting at 888sports
  • Basketball betting at Tipico

Basketball live betting: Placing bets on games that already started offer big chances to win

If you can’t decide on a favorite or pick a basketball sports bet before the game, you also have the opportunity to place a bet during the game. With basketball live bets, a bet can be placed at any time during the game, even if a team is already ahead by a lot. To place live basketball bets, go to the bookmaker’s live betting center. All games that have already started are listed here.

It’s not uncommon for the best basketball bookmakers to also offer live streams from all over the world on a wide variety of games. As a basketball fan, you can get a first glimpse of how the teams perform. With a basketball live bet, a bet can still be placed after the first or second quarter, which can lead to a win in the end.

Basketball live bets are definitely a special feature when it comes to betting odds. Since these can change during a game, this can be beneficial for a betting fan. For example, let's assume that your favorite doesn't get off to a good start at the beginning and falls behind. In this scenario, the betting odds drastically increase on the favorite, so that you can make an even bigger profit as a tipster than if you placed a bet before the start of the game.

Basketball betting extras: Cash out bets and creating your own bet

With a Basketball Cash Out bet, winnings can be made before the end of a game. This extra is basically selling the betting slip to the betting provider. However, since not every bookmaker has a cash-out tool, you should make sure you’re well informed about it in advance.

The betting configurator has also become important because you can create your own bet. With this new sports betting tool, several individual bets from a single game can be merged, so that the odds significantly increase and you can win big.

Basketball betting strategy: Information is the end-all be-all

You can't always make a profit when betting on basketball. Nevertheless, there are ways to increase your chances of winning. This includes obtaining information. Before you place a basketball bet, you should know about the rules in basketball. You should also know something about the teams and individual players so that you can perform the most accurate analysis possible of which team will start the game as the favorite. You can get the latest news on basketball leagues from all around the world on various portals online. This way you will always remain up-to-date and won’t miss out on any news on your favorite teams.

To achieve a long-term betting success, it’s important to have a basketball betting strategy. There’s a lot of trial and error when it comes to developing the perfect strategy – bonus offers from bookmakers are perfect for this, so you won’t have to use your own money for a strategy test.

An overview of the current best basketball players

Of course, basketball fans immediately think of Michael Jordan when thinking of the best players of all time. There’s no doubt that MJ is one of them! Michael Jordan has maintained an active presence in the sports betting world even after his retirement, being that he’s an investor with the data company Sportradar.

Most of the best basketball players can usually be found in the NBA. We’ll show you who we think belongs in this category and which name pays off when it comes to betting.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns)
  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)
  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks)
  • Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets)
  • LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)
  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets)
  • Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics)
  • Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies)

Watch basketball live on TV or at a betting portal

Nowadays watching a basketball game live in order to place a live bet can be expensive. Many NBA games or games from other top leagues are offered on the pay-TV channel "DAZN". When watching games from the German BBL you also have to choose a pay-TV channel such as MagentaSport Basketball. There’s not much basketball left on free TV. Popular sports channels for the most part only show highlights of previously broadcasted games.

Interestingly enough, many bookmakers offer live streams. On occasion, there are betting portals that own broadcasting rights to several leagues and tournaments. If you take a look at a bookmaker's streaming calendar, you’ll be able to see which games you can watch live on the betting platform.